Takane no Ran-san

Chapter 6

From Chibi Manga:Ran is always called the Takane no Hana because she stands out. And her cl@ssmate, Akira, approaches her normally...!? Takane girl x flower shop boy's first love story is beginning!

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The time for the sports festival is coming


please confirm your block's color

Ah! Cl@ss 2 is Orange it says

am in the Sports Festival Committee together with Saeki-kun

is-is that so-

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i'm glad that we got to do it together...


Because it was what everyone decided,

I need to pull myself together and do my best!

Speaking of Orange,

(that the 2 of them be in charge of the committee)

the oval's (sports ground) Sweet Olives**

***Note: Sweet Olives (Osmanthus Fragrans) are tiny orange-yellow flowers that blooms during the fall season (September to October). They produce a sweet smell that can fill the air.


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it's almost time for it bloom huh-

any questions about the events~?

wow there's a lot

I wonder what this "Arashi no Kakeochi**" is?

Where should I participate in-

**Note: the literal translation would be Storm's Mistake(?). I decided not to translate it that way because even I'm not sure that's what it means...Arashi means storm but the KAKEOCHI part is rather confusing to me. If anyone else knows the translation for this, feel free to tell me. Thanks

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This is the Committee only event: a committee special

what kind of event is it?

guys will be Princes and girls will be Princesses

they start running from different starting points and meet/join together

hmmm, okay, okay

After that, they should do a Princess Carry and run to the finish line together :))

*Listening and Writing intently*

because the girls are on dress and heels, they need to be careful, right~

How earnest!

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i wonder if it's in out modern language

I wonder if this dictionary's too old?

is it in fairy tales?

I'm searching for the meaning of the word Princess Carry but i still have no idea what it is...

what are you doing?

hugging a princess means that the target is a little girl?

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...I got it

we borrow baby girls (little girls) from the audience and carry them to the goal

as expected of a sports festival!

you know, that is

As expected of sis. The way your mind thinks is amazing

when a good looking guy carries a girl like this

bu-bu-but that's called a cradle hold isn't it...?

what's with that no-sense-of-romance wording of yours

but why did you ask?

Nothing! Thank goodness the problem got solved! Thank you!

Note: Cradle hold is well, the way you hold a baby

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Saeki-kun will...?


Your heavy

Even Dad doesn't do that...

Because Takamine-san has good reflexes

it's impossible...

And you have the strength of the whole cl@ss!

Nevertheless, I am an Executive Committee!!

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This is not the time to be worrying about such things

Ran-chan sure is fired up this year year as well


It's training for the Kakeochi** it seems

For the sake of the Team

Note: I'm really sorry guys but i really don't know what it is.

Zen Meditation

I need to carry out my responsibilities!

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Takamine, 100 meter run: 11 seconds flat

okay, that's perfect

Ran, next is the relay


Even a guy can't match that

it seems like she's an all rounder

after that is the **Tama-ire

then the borrowed race relay**

**Note: Tama-ire is wherein the participants toss small beanbags into a bamboo basket attached to a high pole, is also a popular game.

**Note: I'm not sure if it's really this. I'm just guessing from the little i can read. I'm sorry.

ah, the guys are running too

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thoughts, disappear!!

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wha-what are you doing??

Princess Carry image training

i think you should stop with the push ups..

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aaah, because I've been wearing them while training...

hey, your shoes are already tattered

I thought it would be nice if I could be of use to everyone...


shall we give it a go for a while

you know, I, too, haven't really tried doing a princess carry before

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...oh, okay...

Put your arm around my shoulder

li-like this...?

his face is...

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he has long eyelashes

he has

such beautiful neck

ahh, the sound of my heart will be heard...


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My heart isn't prepared!


If it continues like this, i might not be able to do it in the actual thing!

Sorry, I should've given you a heads up

that's not true...I was the one at fault

please let me take a break to calm my spirits down

what should I do

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I am a rice straw


hold out your hands

...like this?

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Sweet Olives

since it has a relaxing effect

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Draw strength from your shoulders

Don't miss out on the fun

aah, such a sweet and kind fragrance

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I'll bring it without letting go


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Girls' 100 meter run

Takamine-san wins 1st place

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what splendid physical abilities!

All balls thrown are going in!

even in the obstacle race!

It left too much of an impact that everyone was dumbfounded!

AAh, I'm jealous of the bread

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Ran is really amazing!

it's not that big of a deal

it's all thanks to the charm

it is! it is!!

alright alright alright!

it's time for Seiran High's special event!

Arashi no Kakeochi!!

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What kind of storm is going to unfold this year!

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Saeki-kun's fast

Just like this--...

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oops! the Orange team's Princess fell over!

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an accident where the heel broke!

to think that all the practice till now has come to this...

Takamine! You can do it!

I did't think of it at all...

What should i do

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was there blood?

and she continues to run barefooted!

un...I'm sorry

through all this filth!

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Leave the rest to me

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alright! we're going full speed ahead!

the charm, I dropped it somewhere earlier...



I put in the sweet olives you gave me

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I'll get it later-

the Orange pair went running the opposite direction!

What the heck are you doing Akira!!

Are they trying to escape and give up?

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found it!


I properly got it for you

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just like this

I don't want to reach the goal

Let's all clean up! Good work everyone!

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how will i be able to face everyone from now on...

don't worry about it! It's just an extra event!

It's not that important, okay?

it seems that they didn't even count it as an additional point

eh? it was like that?

I even hugged Saeki-kun with all my might...

I also did that earlier

Takamine, come over here

I found it while were cleaning up

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a field of Sweet Olives


wow it's all scattered now

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It's a reward for doing our best

what a nice scent

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hey wait! you'll get dirty

the results were too bad but

It was fun...!

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Thank you Saeki-kun

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good work! good work!

That was amazing, pushing yourself to the limits!

I was so moved~


go get lost and get yourself a drink you insect

Surely, I will always remember this day filled with the fragrance of the Sweet Olives

eh?! Why?!

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