Love Phantom

Chapter 35

From Chibi Manga:Momoko is just a normal waitress who works at a cafe, but suddenly a fateful romance appears right in front of her....

Language: English


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To go through a busy close and start of the year; They 2 have received a late New Year's Day together...?

A man who can also have a good taste for harmony as his own forte.

[Act.35] Beginning Of The Year

//((Hi! I'm Skylark7, Happy New Year! (many days later), Sorry for the delay but I had a really hard end of year and now I got really sick, again!, but I still have more than 300 days to do it better so, I'm fine :). This chapter has a lot of handwriting and hard Katakanas (translators' Némesis), even if I think I wrote something understandable, If I find any mistake I'll fix it later. Fine then, Good luck in your January activities!!))//

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[A year has been renewed again, this is a story of a certain day like that]

This is a delivered article!


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...It looks like a Kimono

It says the sender is my Big Sister-Chan~~

Yeah, it seems...

Well Momo, you have no choice you must wear it, Wouldn't you?

Just now an email has...

(Companion email)

I got one too


/From: Hirasawa Mayuko/

(Buzz Buzz)

Sure it is... Ah!?

/Subject: Kimono/

/Sending. Put those clothes on her and send me a pic. Best Regards! **P.S.**/

She sent us again a really good product...Oh?

/Kimono/ /Did you receive it? Listen up, wear it immediately. I'm hoping for it! **P.S.**/

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//((Kei and Momo reading at the same time))// "Just like that wearing it, you two must come today to my house from 6 PM to a New Year Party. That's all."


---------------... EEH!? TODAY?!

(That was slow...)

I..I'm sorry my sister do things at her own selfish way~~~~~~~!

It's not like we have other plans or something

I don't mind really. We haven't greeted her properly it's a good opportunity

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Ehhhh there are a lot of things...

E...Even if that's so, she asked you to help me to get dressed for something like an appointment...

I'll carefully put all the complete set harmoniously on you, Is not a flashy design so the hair has to be suitable for it

! Hm? I can help you to get dressed!. (Without hesitation.)

Because she knows that I can't even wear a Yukata by myself...

If I do that, Momo, you'll look perfect, anyhow you will!

(Yawn!) Daddy, what's starting?

Who knows? (Gloomy)

Ehh? (Gloomy)

--------Well now, Should we start?

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Please, be kind to me// I'm counting on you



Is this hair style okay?


(Good performance)

Hmm, you have a narrow waist Momo, Don't you?

Well, somehow I knew it would

Will your breast fit well?

Hold the sleeve

Because I know until the last corner of your body



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(I wonder if that Koshihimo will do...) *//((A Koshihimo looks like a ribbon sash before the Obi (big external sash)))//

...Kei-San, Maybe the reason why you know how to help people get dressed is for your work sake...?

(So serious...)

Yes, you might say that I learned it just in case for keeping a high standard


Long ago, there was a time when I was making a great effort in harvesting capabilities


And there were a lot of things--

Even when I was at it, I didn't feel either discouraged or frustrated

All sorts of coordinator, Sommelier, and more, I got a chef certification, teacher/instructor certification

I put all my strength in getting those official certificates until the end.

(Perhaps... the Phantom-San is "skillful but poor"... Is he?) //((A proverb))//

I got government worker requirements, after that, a group of social welfare, a group of livelihood asistance etc.

[A demon who hides his capabilities.]

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Yes, it's done

Yeah, just as I thought Momo looks pretty with any clothes she wears. Right?


And now the picture!

More towards this angle please! Yeah that way!!


That's good!!


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Starting with this we had accomplished one of your sister's orders and...

Ah, I want one too, Could you send me one picture, please?

Let's see... everyone in the Café and...

(He has dressed me with great effort so, I'll let my friends see it too ~~~)

Yes, sure!

(Ta ta ta)(cellphone sounds)

Then, is it OK?

It's still early but time goes so fast, What should we do?

Yeah, in those circumstances, there's something we should take into consideration

We still can try out doing T.H.A.T. at least once, Don't you think?

? "THAT"?, What is it?

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One, two, three ♪


I see

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When you stumble it's easier to do it, you're so efficient

(Bed sound...)

Unexpectedly, this conclusion it's suited to logic


(Definetely it's a premeditated crime)

Hm? Do you hate it?

Even when you put so much effort dressing me so pretty...(Blushing)


You can't watch (Gloomy)


Hey look, even if it worns out of shape, I'll do it again

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We still have various things to take into consideration! (Laughs)




AH! ...


/Simultaneous messages transmission/

/To: Sagara-San, Rio-Chan, Reo-Kun, Shop Mannager, Eri-Chan, Haruka-Chan,.../More...//

/Messages sent/

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Buzz ♫ buzz buzz ♪

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/Subject: Kimono "I got dressed~(^^)"/

(It's from Senpai...) !

(It suits her, she looks cute...)

Ah--! you said that girl was with a man, Is she his girlfriend?

And with that rage face, how dare you! So noisily!


...Sis, Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror?

You're making exactly those eyes...


You had weakened again and chosen a lovely girl!

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You said you'll bring her here or something, You're a dog who has lost a fight!

Then, you had the intention of not coming back because of that, and; in the end, Who's the one who was forced to come back again?...

[Third volume reference] //((The chapter were Sagara-kun loses touch with reality and pretends that Momo is his girl...(oww poor guy:( ))//

That's natural, now is a good time to make a profit that's why you're working with your dog paws!

...Is it?

So start working at once!

The match hasn't ended yet, so, I still haven't either won or lost

The one who keeps her at the end wins

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Being hit, then broken, and hit again!! That's what a love affair is!!

AAh? That's why I said you're a dog loser!


But, Aren't you the one who's letting escape her best age to get married?

(28 years old and single.)

Ha! this is a client's...I'm sorry!

(Good kids don't imitate this)

The truth is...

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I really want her so there's nothing like a victory or a defeat yet, but don't get me wrong...

Next time I'll be back here with her


...You're making proclamations again, idiot younger brother

Fine, give your best! you know your Sis-Chan supports you

(...I'll start over...)


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--------- Father-Sama!



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Look at this! Is Momoko-San!

...Rio, Reo?

(Both) What do you think?

What's going...on?

Yeah, she's so cute today too, huh~~~~~

(Both) Isn't she?!

We want... wear this too!!

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Today is a holiday, you have to do your Family Service, Don't you?!!

That's right! Sorry! I'm sorry~~~!!

Ah,...Father wants to sleep, Will you let him?.....


Father, give your best...

It's Father's fault for being a workaholic

Good heavens! Welcome

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And, What's the occasion? Those clothes you 2 are wearing really suits you well

(Both) Here, look!

Grandfather-Sama, Good afternoon!

Wow, here's someone very lovely too, Isn't she?


Ah, yes, Isn't that nice?!

Taizou? In a lot of ways, What do they mean?

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If Kei-Kun wanted to complain to me because I annoyed him, he would have attacked me for sure...

but he hasn't contacted me...leaving that aside, I'm sorry Father for coming here suddenly, I didn't have any place to go, they are so energetic~

Is Grandmother-Sama here? I wonder where she is...

Let's go find her!


It's fine, and then?

Oh it Looks like you're having a lot of fun, Don't you?


...however, I shouldn't be the one saying it with this

An opponent is an opponent that's why I'm wondering... How should I capture her?

I've been meditating

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Surely, They 2 are truehearted? (holding hands strongly)

That's why to think about which *hand* will be the most effective may be fun too

When I was a boy I was an indecent person too~~



(2 Generations of Tanukies)

No way! I'm not match for you Father!~~~

(Old Tanuki)

(Next Tanuki In Row.)


Well then, What should you do? Because it seems like the only you can do with that young lady is to wait many years keeping your hope, Right?

Where is Grandmother-Sama?

That's what you expect me to do? Why you can't understand~~?


She went out today

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Buzzz buzz

---Oh, Isn't she adorable?

Is she your little Sister?

Ahh, no, she's a girl of the Café

(Surely that man dressed her up like that, Right? He DOES have skill, really)

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Seems like she has no problems being a very well-liked person, she has the appearance of being a popular girl, Doesn't she?

Yes, although she's not self-aware of that

her style easily knocks down men and women of all ages

We are NEAR so it's a good thing that I don't get tired of looking at her (Laugh)

Ah ohh, maybe it's because she's a little demon-chan by nature?

Uhuhu seems like the place where you have most fun it's at work Masae-San

Please, get naked and lie down

Yes, all the girls and boys at the store are cute too and...

In all cases, I think it would be nice if everyone finds their happiness

Then, should we start?

Yes please

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Let's go now?

Please everyone, protect the house while we are out

(Gloomy) (Gloomy) (Yawn)


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AH* I got a lot of replies~~~! I didn't realize


You think it's cute because it has the other humans there?

They really are

(I think those two animals in the back are unnecessary in that picture...)

Ehh, yes sure...

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/You're a little child doing a shrine visit (Laughs)

She's so cute (Laughs)/

/You should better celebrate in the children festival of the shrine visit/

/Are you a child from the shrine visit festival?. LITTLE MISS, How old are you now?/

/I think it IS good/ (A few words full of spirit)

(She exchanged email addresses with Yuu?...)

Everyone is so mean...


They aren't everyone... here you have someone who thinks different

Did you hear that?

Certainly I think that way too, but...

Hey look, that Furisode looks so good! ((Long-sleeve Kimono))

Those clothes really suits her well~! wow she's so adorable

But, Didn't you notice?

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Did you see the person next to her?

He caught a really young lady. Oh, my!

so dirty/indecent, he's a handsome guy but still

Ahh! He looks like a young father, Don't they have principles?!

How can this be!!

...I'm awfully sorry...for that...

(Man of 40 years)


(24 years old)

(Such things as meddling in other people appropriate things for their age is simple but painful...)

I!, I've made a decision

(But, What can we do?)

No, I'm the one who should say so...

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(This face!)

(Murmur) But I think it's OK if you don't give your best in that...

This year, I will make grow my adult woman s3x appeal, I'll give my best!!

Eh, I didn't hear you well

(Especially these eyes and their gaze~?!)

I just wanted to say that the way you are now it's perfectly charming Momo


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It's nothing like that~!

You're completely like that

Love love...

(Ding d*ng--♪)

Sis-Chan, we came~~

I'm not, it's hopeless you're annoying me with that!

They look good--

You are, it's not hopeless!

/I'll open you right now!/

Oh, she opened it

You are completely...

OH already!


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How long has it been since the last time you met your Sister-San?

We brought them Sake as a present I hope they like it ~

They're heavy drinkers anyway, they'll like THIS so don't worry please

Maybe since that day when my Sis-Chan came to work at the hotel

We've texted a lot but...

Somehow it's my fault I'm sorry...

Hm, well then, when you greet her don't choose those words you'll use in an email

DING d*ng♪

! Fine!


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Thank you for all your help last year!

((Kei and Momo at the same time)) Please treat us well this year as well!

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