Chocolate Vampire

Chapter 29

From Chibi Manga:This school is funded by Kagarizuki family. Kagarizuki family has 4 sons and Setsu is the youngest one. Moreover, he's an idol at this school. On the other hand, Misaki Chiyo seems to hate Setsu.The truth is that Setsu is a vampire, and he always drinks Chiyo's blood. Why does she give her blood to someone she hates? Is there a secret between these two?

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You're my most special person, so...I can't tell you my real feelings...

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"When I come back, please, do "article blood" with me again, okay?"

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...D-Disgusting...! ...Is this really that article blood!?

It feels like he's pushing in his blood into me

It's slowly starting to circulating like

some kind of bugs

This contract is completely different from the ones I did with Setsu...!!

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*fade in...*


Nm...! Ugh...!

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So, how was it? That felt so~ good, you can't even stand up, huh?


Don't touch me...

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That was the worst! I'm about to puke!




You...You damn b1tch!!

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*fade in*


My body's automatically...!


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Maybe I'll enjoy playing with you more right here in front of that brat... Hahahah...




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*cough! cough!*


Hahahah! Lame~!



I think you should stop now

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Tsk. You guys don't even get jokes, huh?



If you're asking for a fight, I'll take it, ya know?

But, be careful. I might accidentally press this switch

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Once I press it, this...Number 6's choker will electrocute her body and instantly destroy those antidotes she's holding in her hands

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Same thing will happen if you try to steal those antidotes before unlocking her choker with the key, so

don't try to make any weird moves

Well~~~, I know Kasumi-san's not that stupid to fight us 4 siblings in this situation, but

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...I know. For now

I won't attack you guys, however...


I promise. We'll come and save you

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Chiyo-chan, you're special. To Kagarizuki Setsu

You are our one and only

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So, I promise. We'll save you. I need to cure all the vamps first by giving them the antidote, but...we will

"You are our one and only......"



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N...No, Chiyo...


...Like back then, again I......!

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Get a blood transfusion and...heal up these wounds a.s.a.p, okay?

Rest well, and don't push yourself...




I don't need any blood except yours!

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You idiot!

Hahh... You really hate giving up, do you? That part of your personality, it's really annoying...


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You piss me off...!!

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If you can save her, I dare ya!

The article blood can only be canceled by the vamp who did it.

I wonder how you guys are gonna over come that.

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I'll be waiting. Looking forward to seeing you guys...


Ahh~, seriously. This got interesting~


Kohaku, you're a genius when it comes to doing brutal things, huh~♡

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Ooh, you can see it now

That's the place you're gonna live from now on

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Our Shirogane Academy

We're finally going to see Shirogane Academy. Can Chiyo escape...!?

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