Marmalade Boy Little

Chapter 36

Set 13 years after the original series, the story focuses on Miki and Yuu's little siblings.

Language: English


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Even if it's an average day

with you, it turns into a wonderland!!

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Experiencing the first love·Getting dumped·Falling into the love of fate‒‒‒⋯ I did go through some pains, but

the world looks this new! It's so fun♥

now that we're together

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Don't tell me. Are you guys dating too?

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N-No! You've got it wrong!

Thought so! There's no way Koudai will date ya!



We're not dating!

But, then, why are you two together? Were there something?


Um, we accidentally met, and...

R-Really, it was "accidentally"! Actually, our goal was the same, so...

Sorry. I was worried about you, so I followed you to the movie theater. Then

Rikka was there too

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Followed me to the movie theater? You were watching us the whole time?


Sorry, Emiri!

Awe~~~, what's up with that? That makes me blush!

Why are you happy?

...Rikka, you're okay. I knew you were worried about me, so I forgive you for watching us. It's not like we were doing something embarr@ssing, so. But

What bothers you about Rokutanda-kun and me watching a movie together? Seriously, you're stepping in too much!

not you Koudai! Why did you follow me?

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Woah, Emiri

*panic panic*

Calm down...

Are you gonna go out with Rokutanda?

G-Go out!? You're talking far into the future, man♡♡♡♡

It's non of your busi...

What about the guy you liked before? Don't care about him anymore?

I mean, of course I'll be happy if we do, but♡

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...I gave up. He dumped me, so

When!? Oh, you know!

Really? When?

Huh? I don't...

I got dumped! By you, Koudai!

HUH!? What are you talking about!

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That was a v*gue way to reject, but I got your point. You only like me as a friend, right?

What!? Hey, hold on!

I dumped you?

That's why I‒‒‒

What are you talking about?

I never dumped you. Besides, I never got confessed

Yeah, it's not like I got dumped right after confessing, but

you acted like you didn't wanna get confessed by me, remember? That's the same as you dumping me...

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I never did!

How can I!? I love you!

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Oh, yeah. I forgot... He was here. Why did you have to pop up now?

You've ruined the moment...

Koudai, you liked Emiri-chan?

Awe, man. You should've told me!


If I knew, I would've never asked Emiri-chan to come with me to the movies



There were some misunderstandings, but you 2 love each other, right!?

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Now then, we're gonna leave you 2 alone so chill out, and have a nice talk!

Why do I have to go? You can go home by yourself.

I'm gonna stay here and watch out for these 2, and‒‒‒


Come on! Hurry up! We're leaving!

Did you just call me an idiot!? Why, you~~~!

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Haven't you ever thought about Koudai-kun has a crush on Emiri-chan?

Nope! Not a bit.

I'm not one of those type of humans who thinks about other people's feelings, so!

I think that's not something you should say confidently...

But, you gave up fast. I'm proud of you. Kinda seeing a new light in you

I wanted to forget about Rena-chan and

depended on Emiri-chan to save me from this sadness...

Yeah, well, it was my fault too, so.

I thought you were gonna hold onto her more


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At the end, Rena-chan's the only girl for me!

Wah... What makes you think like that!?

I can't barge into my best friend's love, but Saku Koishikawa is just a random person I know, so there's no problem there!

I'm gonna work hard and steal Rena-chan from him!


You know, since you're saying that, I'm gonna tell you the truth, but!

Rena-chan doesn't love you at all! You're just a troublemaker to her!

That's why she rejected you saying Saku is her boyfriend when she wasn't dating anyone back then!

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Huh? Then, she's not going out with Koishikawa...?

And, Rena-chan is currently going out with this high school boyfriend! They're all lovey-dovey!

So, you should give up all ready and find another girl!!

He used to be our tennis club's vice president! He's so~ hot! Really a wonderful person!

Yep! I'm actually Saku's girlfriend!


High schooler?

Huh? Hey Rokutanda-kun, get a grip!

*on knees*


Sorry. Was that too shocking for you?

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Cheer up! There are a lot of cute girls at Sakaki...



What did you say?

Gonna wait. I gonna wait until they break up

Until then, I'm gonna send them my evil aura so they'll break up fast...

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the crush you were talking about before was...

It was you, Koudai

Didn't you know? I thought you found out when you read my diary. Remember? You came to return my manga and was waiting in my room...


Sorry, I did peek

So, you knew

It was open, so I couldn't help it...

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Yep, I guess I really love him. Wonder what he thinks of me. Hope we love each other

Huh? Is this her diary? Love? Who?

I'm back~~~



Ops, I closed it! What should I do!? Umm, Umm!

*panic panic*

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*k*ob twist*

I see. So, you only saw that part...

You were friends with a couple of guys from our cl@ss, so I thought you liked one of them.

Emiri, you seemed like you were only looking at me as a childhood friend, so

But, that was because!

You can't blame everything on me, Koudai. You're kind to all boys and girls... That made it seem like you weren't interested in love still

For reals?

For reals!

That's why I also try not to show my feelings toward you

I also didn't want you to think that I'm creepy...

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But, just now, it like you were having fun with Rokutanda. Probably enjoying more than being with me

Oh. Yeah, that was because we were talking about you, Koudai


It was fun hearing about your school episodes♡

Geez, what did he tell you

I never met any boys I can enjoy being with more than you

...I see

Still, back then I though you liked someone else, so

You should give up on him.

Emiri, there is a better guy for you

I think he only likes you as a friend.

I wanted you to forget about that guy, and‒‒‒

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I thought you meant, "Don't confess to me. It's just a waste of time"

Huh? No, you've got it so wrong!

So, that was the reason...

You know? I changed my preferred school to Kouryou cuz of that

Seriously!? Awe, I wanted to go to a same middle school as you

Oh, well... I can still see you in the morning while going to the school so that's good. Haven't see you for a while, but

Sorry, I was purposely leaving early.

I thought you already dumped me, so I wanted to forget about you and..wanted keep a distance.

I'll come out at the same usual time again, okay?

That reminds me, I think they've already fixed the Ferris wheel. Let's go ride on that someday again


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...When we were kids, you kissed me there, huh?

You remembered!?

I won't forget. That was a huuuge surprise


Well, back then I really didn't know what was that for, but. You also didn't know the meaning of "kiss", right?

Koudai, when did you realize I was "the girl you love"?

Huh? Umm‒‒‒⋯ Let's see...

I already knew that was love when we were riding on that Ferris wheel

Probably when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade?

Even though I was just a kid

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Back then

Even now. I always love you


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I see~. Great~. Congrats, Emiri!

Uh-huh. Then, see you at school. Bye~

See! Koudai-kun was meant for Emiri

I was sure he liked you, Rikka

I'm not that popular~. You over rate me, cuz I'm your girlfriend

Told you♬

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I don't.

Rikka, you ARE cute

Ah, it's not about your face. I mean, when I total everything up, you're cute

Total... Yeah...Uh-huh. I'm still happy, but...

He didn't have to reject my face...

Oh, yeah. About Rokutanda-kun

Really? Was he okay?

He went back to saying stupid things like, "At the end, Rina-chan is for me♡," so I told him the truth that Rina-chan thinks him as a troublemaker. I also told him about Shiga-senpai

He looked very shocked

Uh-huh. I guess he thought he can't beat Shigure-senpai when found out he was a high schooler

Well, he said he'll wait until they separate, but...

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Huh? LINE text from Rokutanda-kun...?


It's me, Rokutanda

I never shared my ID with him

Koudai told me your ID

Let me meet Rena-chan's boyfriend


I still can't give up




Aghhhhhh! I reeeally hate him!!

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Nice timing

Will you help me post this?

Is this the poster about recruiting new club members? Why now? It's already June

The adviser is our hot Suou-sensei!

We didn't get much new members this year, so I asked the art club students to make this for me

Tennis Club

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Recruiting New Tennis Club Members

Good! OK!

Practice days Mon Tue

Don't you think it's kinda tilted?

Hm? You think so?

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