Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Chapter 103

Nike, the fourth princess of the Rain Dukedom and one who holds the power to call forth the rain, travels to the Sun Kingdom to marry King Livius on behalf of her country after losing a game of rock, paper, scissors to her three older sisters. Upon arriving at the Sun Kingdom, she discovers that the Livius, who conquered the world in only three years after his ascendance to the throne, is only eleven years old!

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The fateful romance of the light and the rain


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Your Highness!

What the heck is there in this deep of mountains!?

We've been here for 3 days, you know? Oi, do you listen to me!?

Sea Kingdom


Mountainous area southern of Rahma


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Aah, I can't believe this

It's not something a member of the royal family would do, you know

I'm a city boy after all

It seems there are also bears here, after all

This is winter so they should be hibernating, though

That only makes me can't let Memphis-sama alone, right!

You're so noisy

I've told you that you didn't need to come if you didn't like, right


At the first place, there's no more prodigy like your highness that suitable to be our country's prince!

The first prince of Sea Kingdom is eaten by a bear wouldn't be a joke!!

Please indulge yourself in luxury more!

What are you saying about?

A handsome and brilliant future ruler

Everyone is free to do anyone they want right

Moreover, I DO indulge myself with the research funds

but even so, you never appear, not even once, at the dinner party of the high society

So it's okay

As expected from the royal family

Hobby is archeology...!

Research Funds

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Hana was angry and told me to appear at the high society meets too but

It can't be helped

I'm more interested

This world what...?

to this world's structure

Irin, do you ever think that it's strange?

Why rain doesn't fall but this world still can hold just fine


I think, that's just how it is

The thing that is called as water, it changes its form and going through a cycle


From the sea become the clouds, from the clouds become the rain, and then falls to the earth

We're living normally

That's why we aren't even questioning it


And by the way, the last "rain" happened hundred years ago, it was dropping so drastically

But originally, something like this is impossible

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Even if we were dried up, it couldn't be helped.

At the very least,

Well, the Sand Kingdom is exactly in the middle of drying up process now, though

the southern world still has no problem with drinking water and agricultural irrigation

But not just that, this forest

Even though rain doesn't fall, they don't change at all


and until the gr@sslands


Do you know that this means?



Something is letting us live

How neat

Well, whatever

Exactly, whatever it is, it's very neat that...

Well, it's not something that you'd anticipate at all, though

Look, we've arrived at our destination

Ah, so it's this time's historic ruins...

No, I was talking about Your Highness though just now

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Is it really a historic ruin?

tte, so small

Eeh, I think we aren't wrong, though

Rather than a historic ruin, isn't it just a gravestone?

the shape matches too

You really came until this deep in the mountain, huh

Ooooi, Your Majesty Memphis

Thank you so much for your information

Then, is it the historic ruin you talked about?

I heard that it seemed there were a lot of these in the whole world but

Yes, this is really a mysterious thing

Yes, and there was something weird happened recently, you see

In this deep of mountain, there are two of these, both have the same shape

It's moving around in the middle of the night, you know. On its own.

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Furthermore, from the inside was heard a woman's singing voice

What was the song!?

Uumm, I don't know until that much

Ah, I've heard a song from my sister

Since long time ago, this monument has been thought as something ominous

So good!!

There's a say that when this monument changes, the world end is near

But yeah, it sounded like that


What it sang was Nike-hime's rain calling song, without doubt

World end...

This world's mystery, as I thought

is located around the Rain Dukedom

Yosh, Irian

If it's like this, we have to immediately go to meet her now

Her? Who?

Nike-hime of course! Quickly after this

Quickly after this you said

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Don't be kidding, your highness...

Just how far do you think the Sun Kingdom from here?

It's okay, where there's a will, there's a way


Don't "ahaha" me

Waah, the morning in Sun Kingdom

it's so refreshing, right


They really came

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I... can't believe this


It did occurr to my mind to take rest, but without I realized days had already p@ssed, you see

Since then we seriously went down the mountain for whole 5 days...



throughout the nights on a horse...

If it really did, like h*ll you'd make me pull all-nighter for 5 days!!

Or rather, suddenly coming like this, can we really meet with the Sun King?

Now, now. We've safely arrived at the royal castle, after all. Let's just say it's all well and good

Like h*ll it would, the guard is clearly suspecting us, you know?

Eeh, it'll be fiiine~





We can't just p@ss with showing my face?

We can't just p@ss by showing my face?

It's because you're always secluding yourself in mountains, right


Let me met with Nike-hime the rain summoner

Livius, Liviii!



Come, come heeere!

Are you going for a walk?


Please stop, it's embarr@ssing!

But I don't have something like that

First, you have to show to the gatekeeper something that can prove your social status!

You idiooot!

What's your business with Nike-hime?

You can't meet with the princess but I can listen to your story, though?

Eh, that will help

If can, I want to meet with someone who knows very well about the Rain Dukedom, a resident from there will be better though

No, no

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Someone like a resident of Rain Dukedom, there's no way they can be easily here


They're SSR, you know

Well, you're right though


Rather than saying I'm from the Rain Dukedom,

I'm Nike's older sister, you know

I'm from the family?

Am I not enough?

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Finally I met

with someone from the Rain Kingdom


Please go out with me

Hah, why?


What's with this chill...

Did you get a cold?

From that Sun Kingdom, to far away in the north

Sky Grand Dukedom

Ooi, Livi

Have you finished your preparation?

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I'm perfect here

The equipment needed to North Province sure are amazing

It's warm and pleasant

I don't feel cold at all

Well, when we've arrived at the North, even with this it'd be still normally cold

Of course we're going too


Garta and Niel is still preparing, they asked us to wait

Without Your Majesty agree or not

Let's get going


Nike-sama, Your Majesty

You've been really helping us to restore our town

You've been really helping us to restore our town

No matter how much I say thanks, it'll be never enough

thank you very much

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To be honest,

I'm really sad

Yeah, me too

that we have to part now

Also, Nike-sama

Stay healthy

Nefero asked me to give this to you



He said,

I've treated you badly, I'm sorry

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As I thought, he's really the worst

until the end

he doesn't let me hate him

I also have something I want you to p@ss to Nefero



Tell him, "be careful and don't force yourself,


if you die, I'll kill you"

stay healthy

Your Majesty?

What's wrong?

Your Majesty!?

Oi, Karta


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If there's something that troubling you, don't hold it alone, okay

You can always tell it to me!

Nefero too! Listen, okay!

Depend on me!


Hey, I wish you to quit that already but...

Are you listening? Oi

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But Your Majesty was... from your own accord

ukh, ukh

Just something like that, I can easily say it!

telling him to depend on His Majesty, I'm so touched

who do you think I am!?

it's also the first time I saw it

Now, now

I was so touched

that's just how much everyone is touched to the heart by the Sun King-sama's growth!

Uri uri

That's why I told you, stop it!

treating me like a kid!


things like growth or anything like that, I don't understand

Before I realized it,

about Al and about the Sun King too

I had become able to talk normally about them

Anyway, let's talk about what we're going to do after this

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First, we go down to the spine and get out from the high grounds, right


Ah, yeah

After we get out from the high lands, there'll be a mountain path

After that, we'll be moving to the east

Sing long time ago, there had been wars to fight for the Spine

3 days after we go from the Spine, we'll arrive at the great forest

After we p@ss that, we'll enter the Kingdom of Ice

To p@ss the Spine, the risk is too high for novices but

**not sure

Right now, it's certain that we have no other choice but this forest route to go to the North

It's like p@ssing through the north of the Sea Kingdom, huh

This carriage too, only can reach until the place that still has road, after all

After that, we have no choice but to walk by foot

After we get out from the highlands there will be a relay station town too

And before we entering the forest, there's a royal family mansion


Anyway, our destination is that, right

Sleeping on the outside is fun, you know

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Also, Your Majesty, I'm sorry for intruding while we're so busy but

After this, there is a spring that's among the top 100 most famous spring. Can we...

You really can't read the air at all, don't you!

At the end, they went

It's so sparkling...

It's delicious

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Your Majesty

So you're still awake

Is Garta okay?

Somehow, I just can't sleep


He seems has been piling up fatigues, so he's really fast asleep now

I'm going to sleep now but

If there's anything, just call me


Yeah, thanks

Your Majesty, umm...

Eeeh... Livi, you're still awake!?

Niel too!

Everyone is so full of energy

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Well, not as much as you though


Inside the forest after this, it seems there are some really good mushrooms that we can pick up

Hehe, somehow my eyes are so clear


and the rumor says, it's also a spot of fairies


Niel, what was it again?

I want us to make a stopover here

Niel wherever he goes he's still Niel, isn't he

You just go sleep!

S'riously, I can't help but feel tired seeing him


the bed is so soft~

It smells nice~


Are you not going to sleep? Hey~



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Let's take some tea from the kitchen

We have tomorrow too

Won't we become not able to sleep more then?


I have something that I want to tell you, it'll be a little long

If you're tired then it's fine but

I had decided that I'd tell you after we arrived here


I think I have to

hear everything about that from Livi himself

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I see

So the time is now


I want to hear it

It's the story about "you", right

I want to hear it

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I've been waiting for it, you know

And so

Livi started to talk

About himself

and about the people who are tied with the string of fate with him,

calmly, he is telling me

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My father name is Leonidas Orvinus Ivrika

He was the new king of the Sun Kingdom and the one who brought it to its golden age

**not sure

My mother name is Sheila

She was a maiden of a household

that secretly lived deep inside the gr@sslands

When she met the Sun King, she was 14 years old

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The limit to still able living in the gr@sslands is approaching

The war doesn't show any sign of ending

Can't bear harsh life, everyone but our family from our nation have left

and on top of things, with the rain is so little, the gr@ssland itself has started to change

But the Sun King came and promised

Now, looking for the water vein is also difficult

to give us residences and stable livelihood

in exchange, he wanted you to follow him to the Sun Kingdom

But Sheila

We absolutely will never sell you

In the gr@sslands, the weak die and the strong live, that's the rule

We won't let the Sun King or anyone soils that pride of us

If we don't have the power, then we just need to accept the fate

Don't worry...

But Zokuchou-sama, I'm sorry

*Zokuchou: head of a family

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I want to live in luxury life


You're going to the Sun Kingdom, they said, why!?

I hear you also got hit by the Zokuchou-sama, is that true!?

It's fine like this

Now it's not late, let's apolo-...

The only young people in the family are only you two

Rin-nii, Faa-nii

Please take care of everyone for me

Always get along, okay


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How's your feeling after being sold,



You said that you wanted to live in luxury I heard?

What's with those eyes


You want to say how much you hate me? That's fine, I'll listen

That's fine with me, as long as I can make it happens, I'll grant anything no matter what you wish,

now I'm in the good mood, after all

hate you, huh...

I have nothing like that

Sun King, I'm grateful to you

Zokuchou-sama too, even though he says things about our pride,

in secret he goes to the city and lowering his head to its residents

My grandmother who raised me, everyday she went to far away water place until she broke her leg and died

My cousin Faa-nii, his grandfather, even though he's already at his limit to be able to take care of the sheeps, but he is enduring it and still go working

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Even though everyone is so desperately living like this,

I've always hated that

but what's there in the end of our path is only destruction

even if I have to be your s3x slave

That's why, if it's to make everyone's life easier

it'll be pretty cheap

What's with that way of talking!

What the heck, so you were just pretending when you said you wanted live in luxury, huh

Where the h*ll did you learn that

Yeah, but if I didn't say I would never get Zokuchou's agreement after all

But, you see,

Also, I want to try it too for once

Me too

because with this, I've lost my birthplace for forever,


How should I say it, it looks like I've brought an outrageously stubborn girl, huh

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and as I thought,

I feel so sad

She's strong, but she's still appropriate for her age

And with that, Sheila entered the royal place

3 years later

she gave birth to a boy

and also, known as the day when Livius was born to this world

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