Gariya - Sekai ni Kimi Shikai Nai

Chapter 2


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Toumiya Senko

Ryumi being in the plateau for the first time

You're the only one in the world

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Story 2: Seal and Key

Gariya Royal Academy, the imperial academy directly governed by the empire, holds administrative authority.

You mean, they've came back to the capital without having bound their seals!?

There is but one single goal to the academy.

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It is to cultivate people with high talents, in order to build a stronger Gariya.

Director Caelum, after you came back from the mere,

I recall,

you said to me with confidence, that the two of them will 100% come to the capital having bound their seals!!

I did, didn't I. Well, something must have gone wrong, I guess.

...That seems to be the case, Academy President Verite.

Stop screwing around!! Director Caelum!!

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Academy President Verite,


Wh-What is it, Voule?

I've heard that Ryumi, the girl from the mere, is my age--16 years old.

If I could say this as someone of the same age,

if she were asked to have physical relations with a man she has just met, for the purpose of binding seals,

"STOP SCREWING AROUND, YOU DAMNED PERV!!" is what she would say to that, right?

It-It could be as you said, maybe.

I-I see, Voule...

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There is no "maybe" about it.


It is "exactly" as I said!!

Why is a young woman like this more powerful than I am.

Also, you see, if Gran obtains even more power than he already possess, to all of Gariya, it will be the most-

I was too hasty!

Well then

Freedom to love comes first in the eyes of the gods of Gariya!

I know that too!!

If they have not bound their seals, then they're both available.


The students who are looking to improve their abilities by depending on a seal partner are going to cause an even bigger commotion than before.

It's not my problem anymore,

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Anyway, President, they're waiting in another room.

I-I see.

Finally here in Il Isole, the capital of the human tribe.

Guess we should get going.

Hey Gran


The human school, Gariya Royal Academy.

The capital city of the human tribe is amazing. All those tall buildings surprised me.

You will get used to it in time, once you settle in.

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Is that right.

But it's okay. Ryumi has Gran!!


Hey Gran

Where does Ryumi have to go, to see you everyday?

Ahh, I promised to give you the key, didn't I.

Hold out your hand.

Your left hand is okay.


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Left hand?

What could it be?


Wow, it's big.

Gran's hand is much bigger than Ryumi's.

It's done.

With this, you could come to my room any time you want.

? Ryumi doesn't really understa-

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What was that just now, Gran?

It disappeared.

That's the key to my room.

All you have to do is say a command to your left hand, and you can fly to my room any time you want.

Whaaat, fly?



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Ryumi can go there any time?




Ryumi can see Gran everyday!!

*kerchan* (door opens)

*patan* (shuts door)

People... Who are they?

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The old one is Academy President Verite.

The younger man is Director Caelum from the Priest Agency, tasked with the responsibility of training priests in the academy.

the girl is

Voule Sagesse, a career priest-in-training, and an executive cl@ss student.


Same as Ryumi...

A girl!!

Oh, so you're Ryumi.

Yeah, if I remember correctly, she's the same age as you.

Truly beautiful!!

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A girl of the same age!!



I'm the president of the acad-

h*llO, VOULE!


Oh my





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Wha... Friend...

Wh-What's with her, being so perky!?

Well... that's

But... she's as beautiful as shining light.


It's been 3 days, huh. Do you recognize me?

Hey Ryumi! It's been a while!

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How about now?

Even at your age, you're still so immature. I already told you to stop acting like this!

Where did he get something like that?



You're mean to call me an old man. I'm only twice as old as you kids.

Voule, it seems you don't understand my consideration as an adult.


"Already" twice as old!

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Gran, that man and Voule are very close, huh.

You think so? Well, Caelum sort of raised Voule, that's why.

He raised Voule...

Consideration as an adult?

that means

Yes, consideration as an adult.

He's like Ryumi's Papa and Mama.


He's a good guy, huh.


"My adorable Ryumi"

Guess so, if I were to say whether he's good or evil.

"We love you"

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A seal partner, who the gods wish to give to Gran, having been raised in the Mere, had never seen a human male.

This is what I thought, when I accompanied Gran to the Mere.

Seal partner? What's that?

"Seal", They've mentioned this word the other day too.

When two such handsome men to appear there,

Ryumi will ask Gran later.

it would have been problematic if Ryumi fell in love with me, rather than with Gran, wouldn't it?

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That was a cute "poh", Ryumi.

Exactly what did this "poh" mean just now?

Director Caelum,


that "poh" just now means she's troubled because she doesn't understand what you were saying.

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Wow, bull's eye!

Director, as well as I, lack long wonderful ears

and fluffy gentle fur. So we're the same in her eyes.


I see. Long ears, huh. All right, should I custom order a set of long ears for you to wear, Gran!?

that is not exactly the case.

Ryumi likes Gran now, even if he doesn't have long ears.

No, thank you.

Well then, Ryumi


Gariya Royal Academy welcomes you, for coming all the way from Mere.

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I'm sure there are plenty of things you don't know about the Plateau where humans reside.

But we will give you the room next to Voule's, who is also the most powerful among the female students in the academy.

Help Ryumi out whenever she runs into any problem, Voule.

Ehh---- Next to Voule!?

Ryumi from the Mere

weird kid!

Understood, Headmaster.

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Also, Ryumi

Our school have decided to make you a member of the Executive cl@ss.

Excutive student?

Hey, have you heard!? That girl from the Mere was put into the Executive cl@ss!!

Whaaatt!? The Executive cl@ss!?

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Just what sort of abilities she has, to be in the Executive cl@ss!?

More importantly, does this mean they've already bound their seals!?

That aside, if she's Gran-sama's seal partner, does that mean she's more powerful than that Voule!?

Ahhh--- What a shock!! Who would've thought Gran-sama's life partner would be a rabbit girl!!

I heard the headmaster put her in the room next to Voule's!

Ehh--- A single room!


What is it, Onii-sama?

Obviously-- if she's in the Executive cl@ss!

I just heard from Caelum's aide.

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It seems that Gran and the girl from the Mere did not bind their seals.

you are more beautiful, noble, and intelligent than any other woman in all of Gariya.

Gran understands it perfectly, too.

Perhaps you're not as gifted in terms of powers, compared to that girl, but from how I see it,

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Your abilities are wonderful. It's just, Gran is special.

I made plans with Gran tonight, to ask him about his trip to the Mere. I'm sure there will be stories that will delight you.

Is that... what you think...? If only I... were at least as gifted as you are, Onii-sama.

*gasps* Look at that!!

What a rare sight!


Prince Ares and Princess Ideia appearing together!!

Ahh! Too beautiful!!

T/N: really getting fed up with these people's fan-girling screams -_-

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And to think that rabbit girl from the Mere

is going to be wearing the same uniform as theirs!!

Geez, it's the worst!


Starting today, this will be your room, Ryumi.

Just for Ryumi!?

It will!?

Yes, Executive cl@ss students get individual dorm rooms.



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Ryumi has never slept alone before.

Voule, in Long Ear village, Ryumi always slept in the same bed with little brother Pom.



Pom isn't here, so.

Accept reality, Ryumi.

You're moving into this room without bringing anything from Mere, so your living necessities will be provided for.

This girl

It's true!!

exactly what kind of life did she lead in Mere!?

It's just as Voule said!!


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Uniform and everyday clothes are both in the closet.

Wow!! Even though she's Ryumi's age

Voule really got it together!!

There's aide money from the empire, so if you find anything lacking, I'll accompany you when you go shopping in town.

Voule, you're so nice.





Ryumi is really moved. You're an incredibly nice person.

Gran also said something similar, when Ryumi called him a nice person.

not true.

? Gran is nice?

Gran understand Ryumi's "poh"!

People from the human tribe are modest, huh.

Ryumi from Mere

That's the reason!?


Are you being serious?

What's nice about that guy!?

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I have a policy of not letting anyone else into my room.


Hey Voule

What is it?


Mysterious Ryumi

Is it okay if Ryumi visits Voule's room?


I'll come visit you here.

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When I'm with her,


*ba-thump ba-thump*

Ryumi and Voule are already friends, right!?

why do I feel so joyful?

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Hey everyone!

*pata pata* (quick footsteps)

Voule is showing the girl from Mere around campus. Now they're in the courtyard.


The girls sure are something.


Not yet, right?

She's Granleigh's seal partner though.

That means, even if one of us binds seal with her,

But she was raised by rabbits.

we can get at least strong enough to get into the Executive cl@ss instantly.

True that--

See, over there!!

But... Guess we'll go take a look...

Let me see.

Just what kind of girl...

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How come!

Not a rabbit at all!!

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Hey hey, is this for real?


Woww--- She's giving off a beautiful girl's aura.


If I could bind my seal with her!!

But why didn't Granleigh bind his seal with her!?

Wow, Voule

This is the first time Ryumi's seen so many humans.

Let's go.

It won't be fun even if we stay here much longer, I'm sure.

What's that?

Voule's att1tude! Looking down on the rest of us just 'cause she's more powerful.

Ahh, ticks me off!

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We're leaving?

Shouldn't Ryumi say heIIo to everyone?

In Mere, one must greet anyone they meet.

You don't see as many people in Mere.


So humans don't greet everyone they meet!

Here in Plateau, we don't greet people one by one.



Oh gross--

She was like, "poh".


I know! Rabbits talk to one another by saying "poh"!

Like I thought, she may look like a human, but you can tell she was raised by rabbits.

Rabbits? What is everyone talking about?

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But Papa and Mama aren't rabbits.

Everyone, you've got it wrong.

But Voule

Ryumi, it's a waste of time to deal with them.

Ryumi has to tell them Papa and Mama are not rabbits.

Huhhhh? But they have long ears, don't they?

They're covered in fur from head to toe, aren't they?

That's right. And they're wonderful.


Yes, they are.

She just called them wonderful.

Let's go to the next place.

Then they ARE rabbits.

As Ryumi was saying, you're mistaken.



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Those girls are saying these things, knowing perfectly well they're not true.

What is it, Voule?

Oh, come on-- What are you talking about, Executive Voule?

They know?

Everyone knows there are rabbits in Mere that go "poh".


These people know

Why are they saying that!?

but they're purposely calling Long Ear people "rabbits"?

You're wrong! Papa and Mama are-

They're not rabbits!

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What are you all doing, saying things that will bring shame as humans?

Long Ear tribe people are not rabbits.

They're an honorable fairy tribe with pure hearts full of love.


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I'm very sorry, Ryumi. On behalf of the human tribe, I offer my sincere apologies for this rudeness.

She said very very nice things about the Long Ear tribe!

Thank you Ideia!

She help Ryumi.

At the same time, Ryumi's sad feelings are gone.

You made Ryumi so happy!

Who are you?

She's not addressing Princess Ideia with any honorifics!

I'm Ideia. I think I'm older than you.


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Will you forgive us then...?

That's right! You probably don't know, but Ideia-sama is the princess of Gariya Empire!

You're to call her "Ideia-sama"!! Long Ear tribe girl!



It is fine!

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See you later then, Ryumi.

*ba-thump ba-thump*

*ba-thump ba-thump*

princess of the human tribe.

This girl is


The boys are making a fuss, seeing how beautiful Ryumi of Mere is.

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why didn't you bind seals with Ryumi?

Prince Ares

Come to Mere with me next time.

Deliberately dodging the question, are we.

To Mere?

Mere was a beautiful place.

I realized this when I went there last time,

with your powers, we can probably travel in Mere without difficulty.

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I played some tricks.

......Such cruel treatment.

Really? I heard Caelum was exhausted after coming back from Mere though.

What would you do if he had drowned?

Since it would've been a pain to hear his pointless nagging,

No worries. That man knows himself well.

I showed him a more roundabout way that reaches all the way to Long Ear village.

I pity Caelum from the bottom of my heart.

He left Mere quickly.

And with Caelum leaving early, Gran did not bind seals with Ryumi.

if you aren't interested in Ryumi of Mere,

So, Gran

am I to take it that you will have no issue with me making her mine?

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Just what?

It's just,

Be my guest. Love is free in this world.

if Your Highness becomes her mate,


you will have to go live in Long Ears village with her, for the rest of your life.

It's fine, so long if you're ready to do that.

When that time comes, I'll hand over Ryumi's key to you.

You... exchanged keys with her?


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Ryumi of Mere sounds more and more interesting.

I see.

It doesn't sound like you will be happy hearing this.


Otherwise, I couldn't have been able to bring Ryumi to the capital.



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How are Papa and Mama doing, I wonder. Did Pom take his bath like he's supposed to?

Has he been eating nothing besides Mama's cake?

I wonder if Gran is willing to become Ryumi's mate now.

It's going to be a full moon soon, and it's the best time in Long Ears village too.

Let's go say goodnight to him after all!

Haven't seen him for half a day already.


It's going to be fun for sure!

You're supposed to say a command, right?

Take Ryumi

Ryumi's going to ask Gran what a "seal" is!

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to Gran's room!


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Ryumi really did fly.

So this is Gran's room.

It's so spacious---!


But wait,

Gran's not here!!

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Looks like something happened?

Yes, a guest has arrived.

Is it all right if we move to another place?

A guest?

is Ryumi

If that guest

I'd like to meet her too.

Or do you think it will be insensible of me.


No, Your Highness.

Please do come with me.

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What to do?

Gran isn't here.

how is Ryumi going to go back to her room!?

But more importantly,


......A sphere...?

It's getting bigger!!

Could it possibly be!!

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you were able to get here, huh.

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Amazing! Amazing!

Gran! Ryumi came to say goodnight to you!

In the blink of an eye, Gran is here!

Did you now.

Also, there's something Ryumi doesn't understand and wants to ask you.

Will I also be of any help to that?


Who's that?

Hey there Ryumi

nice to meet you.

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I'm Gran's friend

Gran's friend!

He's Gran's friend!?

I was supposed to be the one to say it though.


Is that right-- If you're Gran's friend,


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it's as if she is clad in all the brilliance of the world.

can you be friends with Ryumi too?


Of course, Ryumi.

Ryumi, I guess I should tell you this.

This man standing in front of you

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is the first in line to the throne, the next king of Gariya Empire, Prince Ares.

What? You're bringing that up?

Whaaaat!? A Prince!!

That's right.

That's normally the most important thing to disclose, Prince.


Come to think of it, Prince,

you look like the princess who helped Ryumi today.

You mean Ideia?

Yup. She told everyone for Ryumi, "Long Ears people aren't rabbits".

Just recalling that

She did that?

And she kindly complimented Papa and Mama and the others.

Yup, Ryumi didn't get to thank her properly.

is enough to bring tears of happiness to Ryumi's eyes.

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Ryumi wants to do it next time we meet, to tell her about Ryumi's happy feelings.

You will get to see her soon, since you two are in the same Executive cl@ss.

Honestly, my sister


no matter what circumstances you're in, you're always fair, proper, rational,

By the way, didn't you say there is something you want to ask Gran?


and solitary.



Oh yeah. Gran, Ryumi wanted to ask you.

About what?

Say, what is a "seal"?

Hey now Gran, you even exchanged keys with Ryumi but you didn't tell her the most important thing!?

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A seal is an insignia carried by a human with powers.

There should be one located somewhere on your body.

There is.

? An insignia? There's nothing like that on Ryumi.





Is that like, making babies!?


what are you thinking, Master Gran?

But, Gran

That's because it won't emerge unless you've laid with a man you love.

Making babies, huh. I see.

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I understand that you take good care of her.


human lay with one another to show affection, even when they're not making babies.

To... show affection!!

Is... Is that right.


So that's why it's said their child-making season lasts year long.

Also, a human born with powers, bearing their seal,

for only once, they can further strengthen their powers by binding their seal with another.

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Only once in life

And, bound seals

can never be unbound again.

As a result, partners of bound seals

That is like

cannot change partners until one of them dies.

like mates!!

you mustn't give him your seal lightly. Because seal binding decides your whole life.

It's okay!

But Ryumi has already decided.

So Ryumi, even to a man you've given yourself to,

Ryumi's mate is going to be the only one for life, just like Papa and Mama!

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Gran is the only mate for Ryumi!!

Now Ryumi, were those all the questions you have?


Okay then,

since the prince is here,

Someday, Ryumi will return to Long Ears village with Gran.

how about

*ba-thump ba-thump*

you show him your powers?

Ryumi's powers?


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Gran, Ryumi doesn't have amazing powers like yours.

You can make it bright, right?

I can do that... but

Prince, don't you want to see Ryumi's powers?

I see

So this is what you want me here for, Gran.

Well yes, I do.

Ryumi's powers that can light up Mere like daylight.

If we can show it to the students in the academy here,

there will be no more oppositions to Ryumi joining the Executive cl@ss starting tomorrow.

You sure? If it gets bright, everyone's gonna be surprised.

It's okay. The prince said he wants to see it.

No one will complain.

Thoroughly using me, are we.

That's right, Ryumi. Please show me.

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How bright do you want it to be?

as bright as possible.

You sure?

Of course

All right!!

Show me


Then it's going to be as bright as possible!!

the power of Granleigh's seal partner

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Oh Light!

Be as bright as the sun!!

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This power...

The capital looks

What happened!?

Why is it so bright!?

What... is this?

What is this?

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like it's midday.

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So Ryumi, how long is this light going to last?

Until Ryumi goes to sleep.

I see.