Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 7


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hai, please excuse my awful translation :(( ill work harder on studying my kanji Please enjoy though!

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who are you?

is this here, a dream?


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You are..


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You were yelling in your dream, you surprised me!

are you hurt somewhere?

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that kid

had the same height as me


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good morning

good morning

is something wrong? (lol i don't know what poyapoya is so heres my interpretation of it lol)

did you fall out of bed?

i didn't!

how many?

what about dad?

hes at work


he's really busy lately. i hope he's okay

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if you think that, don't worry us then

you came home late


oh yeah...but i came home soon and took a bath

stare sound effect *JII*


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still huh

what is?

eat this and get bigger

before you used to say you would become a giant right?


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see, ill give you this too

its all the ones you don't like right!!

sakura brother is so funny

he's just a bully

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how were the pancakes?

Good morning everyone! Take your seats!

those were good though..


okay, today...

I will introduce a new student

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Shinomoto Akiho san

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I will be in your care


she's cute huh?

yes very

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it would be nice if we got along

sorry were late

its okay


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h*llo, its cl@ss twos new student (i believe this is what is said sorry i can't read kanji that well)

how do you know (sorry if I'm wrong on this translation :()

my cl@ss went to go see too

i invited her to eat lunch with us

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go ahead go ahead

thank you very much

Yes, before i came to Japan

before that i was in france, and before that i was in germany

also, italy and england as well

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its okay!

thats why if my japanese is not that well

even without the proper grammar its okay! and were the same age!

i only went so far as to study

speaking of japanese grammar (oh gosh I'm sorry i cannot read his story, its so small)

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oh i have to go see the teacher

here ill show you!

do you know where the office is?

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even though theres still lunch time

let me show you around

Thank you so much

i left my lunch box with them

its okay, tomoko chan and chiharu chan will wait for us

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everyones so nice

yes everyone is really nice

you too sakura

eh me too?

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blush *embarr@ssed*

Very nice

thats right! we are similar huh?


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kinomoto sakura, shinomoto asaho chan

i want to get along with you Sakura san!

Me too!

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im in your care, sakura san!


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its the transfer student

its a girl huh

i couldn't feel any power


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anything else

looks like it'll match sakura

looks, like they'll be good friends

okay, is there anything else troubling?

before another new card showed up...

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its hard, but right now

i know, I'm waiting for the right time, thats why i came here

if anything happens any time

here too, if anything happens ill call.

yeah, thank you

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ahhhh wth is it!

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for a flowers completion

alright, last weeks continuation

after you finish drawing the flower i will accept it

its okay, as long as you finish!



whats wrong?

i think its naoko chan..

before she drew this..

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wow, how cute!

even in a drawing you guys get along

HOEEEEE (lol it sounds so bad in english )

whats wrong kinomoto

excuse me...

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oh sorry!


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so sorry for the lame translation! Please enjoy most of it ;0 i need to study up my kanji

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