Mahou Tsukai to Hoshi Furu Niwa

Chapter 11

Rio was accepted into a school for magicians, as soon as she arrived she was told to go out and look for a familiar. While out trying to find one, Rio gets lost and runs into a guy named Kyle. Rio ends up liking Kyle because of his kindness. While going back out to look for a familiar, she runs into Arushel who is a part of an ancient demon race. He was running away from the Witch of the West who wanted to claim him as her familiar. Arushel ends up forcing a kiss contract with Rio in order to gain his powers and true form so that he wouldn't have to be with the Witch of the West. But this only enraged her and as punishment for taking away her beloved Arushel, she curses Rio with sorrowful love spell. When Rio is with the one she likes she turns into a guy!Description by LuffyNoTomo

Language: English


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I'll go and see Al


I couldn't find Al

Astell Reed's library has a lot of specialty books. I'll start looking from there first

But since the Witch of the West is a high level mage, it won't be that easy to find out where she's hiding

And then...

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Hey. Why do that at this time of day!?

Aime, Little Lala!

It's our "girls' time"!!

I need to ask you a favor

I want to look for Al

Sure, I've been okay and carefree, but to be honest, I can't give up. I want to see him once more and talk to him

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And if you can't...

I'm looking for clues that'll lead me to the Witch of the West's hideout. I want you to help me

Maybe they're shocked to be dragged along like this

But it's the only way. I can't give up

I was too late


It felt like you're really unwavering and ready to move forward, so I guess it's okay with us

If you tell us that you wanna look for him, of course we'll all agree to help you

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We're happy that you're depending on us, Rio

We're friends, aren't we?!

So we'll go out and find him for sure!

Yes, we are


And so

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Our search has begun

It'll be difficult to look for the Witch of the West using magic

Until now, no one's been able to take on the challenge by using their true powers

But Rio has something different from the other challengers

It's her bond with Al

Al's whereabouts are hard to find since the Witch of the West hid him

However, if Al and Rio's bond is still intact

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Then we'll feel his presence for sure



I found him...!

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Hey, Arciel?

Shut up

That's enough. Come to your senses and please love me

When you say that I'm going back to your side, isn't it like saying that I'll become your slave, huh?

You're cute even when you're cold, but honestly, I prefer obedient guys

Stubborn as usual, aren't we? You don't have any magic power left, so you must be feeling in over your head

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You've been holding out pretty good everyday, huh?

Come on, I don't think you have to feel bitter

I can manipulate and turn you into a doll just like these innocent cuties~

Can you please drink this potion?

I don't wanna

Until you give me what's in that fallen wizard's hands

Hold it! You heard it didn't you, Noah!?

Who the f*ck are you calling a hag?!!

I won't drink that. Do you get what I'm saying, you hag?

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Hurry up and give Al what he wants!!

Huh?~~ In your dreams~~

If you obtain this, then your little comedy skit will end, won't it?~~

Stop messing with him. Is that the real thing!!?

Isn't that a given!?

Is it that valuable!?

Ahh, right. There's not much to lose

Once I find an opportunity, I'll definitely get it back...!

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Geez. Enough! Just bow down

If you keep up this stubbornness... I'll have to make you drink it mouth to mouth, Al~~♡

!? Cut it out. It'll give them the wrong idea



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So someone broke into the barrier, huh?

That's plain gutsy...

Where did the perpetrator enter from?

Is it that girl...!?

Why's Rio here...!?

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Didn't you tell me that you already warned her not to have anything to do with Al anymore?

Noah! What's the meaning of this!?

Oh, no. I already did

What if she wasn't listening?


Since they came all the way here

Why don't we make things more interesting?

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We're already here, but how can we get in touch with Al?

I'll think of a solution......

I'll give all of you a warm welcome!

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What the heck's happening here?!

Why are we here?!


Woah! Did you just break into our hideout!?

Hey! Don't just do as you please!!


Thank goodness he's safe......

Oh, they look really weird, though...

Hey. This isn't what you told me!!

What did he tell her?

Relax, we ain't kidnapping her

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She just came here on her own


So you came here as Al was about to escape

... What do you mean?

Why did you just decide to go here on your own?

The reason I came here is because I want us to talk

Let's talk, Al

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Oh no, looks like our little Al here's getting embarr@ssed~~

Did he want to get away from me?

But apart from the many witches who have no idea how to find the Witch of the West, you managed to get here. And since I admire your feelings for Al, I'll tell you something

It seems like you feel the same for each other

You see, Al wanted to protect you

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Al came to see me

On the night he had disappeared

Hurry up and come with us

Because if you don't, I'll do something bad to her

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Promise me you won't lay a hand on her

That's my condition

Isn't it funny?

That he suffers just for a human even though he's a demon

Did Al

Leave without a word just to save me?

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Were you touched?

... I know

It's because of something important to Al, right?

Too bad, you aren't the real reason why he is with us

What? You already knew? How anticlimactic

Although I thought you were gonna be shocked

So, do you know why this thing's important?

Oh! You sound pretty well! I really hate it!

... Hey, shut up

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Is he talking to himself?

I'm strong so I can somehow enter and leave the magical world, but I happened to overhear something in~~teresting!

Who's that?!

I'll show you how Arciel came to be. It's a tragic love story

Shut up!

Well, then. You shall now see

What's this...?

Something keeps on flowing into my head......

It's Arciel's past

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Hundreds of years ago

How did the spirit collections go?

The bait was taken and they succumbed to greed. I was happy with it

As demons, it's our obligation to collect human spirits

Very well, then

We shouldn't defile our mighty family name

We shouldn't defile our mighty family name

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Do you understand, Arciel?

That kid won't be able to handle it

I'm a demon, too

Everyone here are top-cl@ss demons, so why was that failure even born?

I'll be a demon just like my brothers

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Did you call for me?

Form a contract with me

If you do, I'll grant you any wish in exchange... So?...

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My dad died because of his illness

The townsmen just gave us a good luck charm, and told us that we had no choice but to wait for a miracle...

We didn't have any money, so a doctor couldn't help us


I'll do anything, just help us

Anything, you say?...

You idiot... I'm here to take your life

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Hey, you. Did you call me out here just to cure his illness?

Here, make him drink this!! Don't just call me out because of this kind of wish!

The next time we meet, I'm totally taking your soul

I'm a high-level demon, for god's sake!!

And if you don't like it, I'll make you struggle before you summon a demon, you spoiled brat!!

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Thank you!!


Looks like Arciel failed again

Did he miss out on collecting spirits?

I bet the humans preached to him and told him to let them go

What an idiot

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Hey Al, you pu$$y


If you don't hunt down a single human soul, we'll make you sleep on our laps

You're a disgrace to our family

You're disgusting

I don't care

As a demon, I'm not really sad about being isolated

But without hesitation, they leave nothing for worthless humans...

I'd rather have them try shaking me up

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Is it that strange for a demon like me?


What are you doing?

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Can't you tell just by looking?


We're high-level demons, so helpless, good-for-nothing demons are worthless to us

Teach that stupid imp a lesson

Oh yeah, if strong demons already exist, then why must worthless beings exist, too? Can you tell me, good-for-nothing Arciel?

... You're blocking the way, so move over, young master Taiphel

You're blocking my way, though

Whatcha say you stupid brat?!!

Hey. Join us, Arciel

Oh, right

We're the same age, aren't we?...

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I can hurt him all you want. It's fun!

I can never acknowledge a know-nothing demon like you as my ally

I don't wanna


I'm not interested anyway

Stop acting so cocky, you sh1tty brat!!

We figured you're a scaredy sh1thead

We do what we want! And we will totally taunt you!

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Not that I care

I don't care if I get outcasted

But I knew I was weird

You pathetic bastards...

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Hey, you

Run away now

Go on, go on

*pigya pigya (thank you)*

Who is she?


It's Misfit Roye!

Hey, b1tch! You party pooper!

Yeah, yeah!!

You just spoiled our fun

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You b1tch... Just you wait and see! You'll regret this!!

...... Why did you help me?

And for a demon to do it for someone else

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It's because I think we're the same

Is she a weirdo? I never expected this...

Roye was a weird girl

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She's a nameless eccentric in the magical world who just does what she feels like

Hey, Al!! Long time no see!

Truth is, unlike most demons, she doesn't seem to change the way she lives

Today, a really lonely person who wants to die is calling out to me. So, I'll listen to him all day, and then come home

She's being too cozy...

She's what you'd call a free spirit

She really is an idiot...

Who even decided what demons should act like?

I help others when I feel like it, and I also kill when I feel like it!

Demons are strangely and highly family-oriented, but it's also weird that they share strong bonds with their friends. I think demons should be like me! I hate being restricted

I mean, who cares if you don't fit the mold of a 'demon'?

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This is what I am

Live fairly

But since you are still a kid, you may have mixed feelings

What you see is what you get

But you called out to me that day

Who you calling a kid?...

Even if you feel out of place, and inferior to others, at the end of the day, you're still a 'demon'

Just live the way you want

I see

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Hey, Arciel!

You've been hanging out with that Roie girl lately

2 losers consoling each other, I guess?


How pathetic...

You bring shame to great demons!!

Blazing demon uppercut

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You sure have a lot of time on your hands. You shallow demon

We may be the same kind of demons, but I don't care as long as I feel good with myself


You son of a b1tch!!

I guess it's good to live this way

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From that day onwards, I have only lived the way I saw fit


300 years later

I can't believe you've turned into such a bold, and shameless demon

Aww, you were a gentle little cutie back then, though~

Shut up

I mean, I'm fine now. Because I'm Arciel

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Well, anyhow, you can still count on me, ya know

Who are they?

They're signaling an invitation

The bastard hasn't changed a bit. He's still with that weird woman

He even forged a contract with a human, no less

He seems like the type to exploit spirits because of filthy desires

He's the same old good-for-nothing for choosing a human

Yeah, what a perv

He said he hates saintly women, though

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Whatever, you're from a top-cl@ss family anyway, so you have their magical power. I'm sure Taiphel can put his strong body to good use

He sure took some damage the other day

Get him back for what he did to you


You were born an elite, but you're a mere failure. How dare you make a fool of me with that arrogant face

You're so annoying, you make me feel like throwing up!!


And most of all

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How dare that failure give me such humiliation

I can't hold this any longer!


Oh, it's you again

I've had to deal with you everytime. Do you finally realise how useless you are?

What's with that scheming look?

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Comparing to how great you were, you're now worse than your friends

This is all your fault!!

Shut up

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What? Will your lackeys gang up on me again?...

Take a good look. This is a 'demon's payback knife'

If you want her to live, apologise

One wrong move, and she gets it

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Kneel in front of me

Mess your face up with tears and mud, or else-

Beg for my forgiveness and apologise for everything you've done to me!!

I don't wanna

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The fallen Taiphel

Do you think such trash who uses nothing but his fists can be called a top-cl@ss demon?

What did you... Just say?

You lowly animal


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