Watashitachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru.

Chapter 30

Makoto is suddenly confessed to by her narcissistic childhood friend Kikuchi Reita. Not even just any confession, he stands in the street and publicly says “If you want a boyfriend that badly, I don't mind going out with you”. Which was obviously a no, since Makoto has never considered Reita to be a man, especially a man of interest. What will become of her daily life now that Reita insists on her going out with him?

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I know.

You have always been

waiting for me, right?

Chapter 30: Delusion and confidence

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I want to be the closest person to Reita. I'm satisfied as long as I stay by his side.

That was what I aways thought but...

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Excuse me-


Return to your cl@ss quickly

It's cold--

Oh-- thanks for the trouble


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Every now and then, I crave for this black bean tea

It's only available here in the teacher's building so that's kind of a pain

Ahhaha. No wonder you're an old soul

What do you mean by that? This actually tastes good


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can finally have a conversation with Reita again after Christmas

They still care about each other but

As I thought, I'm glad to see the two of them hang out again

I'm quitting my part time job at the end of the month

Is that so?

Everyone will feel lonely without you. Especially the store manger, as well as Ono-san and the customers...

Sakurai, are you gonna continue?

I'm already a 3rd year. I don't want to set a bad example for my sister by not entering college

It's about time to take my studies seriously

I'm thinking about working until spring......

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The store manager...was hoping for us to work until February

He begged in tears

I'm counting on you


Ah...since Valentine's Day is coming up

Are things going well with Reita?

I can imagine that


So far so good

It wasn't supposed to be like this

In other words, I never expected to fall deeply in love

To be honest

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I should be a calm person and yet

Every little thing bothers me and stirs me up

I even tried to seduce him not too long ago

Since I admitted to my feelings, I can't seem to put on the brakes

This isn't my normal self. Not at all

Did he put a spell on me?

I sense that I'm falling even more for him

If this continues, then I

Do you still feel scared about dating your childhood friend?

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Ah-- no

That's not the case...

I can't seem to hide anything from Yuusuke...

...well, do you remember what I said?

If anything happens, then think about me

Let's pretend it never happened


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As I thought, I shouldn't wait for you so

just forget it

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Even if I don't wait for you,

you'll be fine as long as you're with him, right?

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Just now, was he trying to cheer me up?

As I thought, he's a nice guy.....


Bad news

Just now, over there...Reita

What's wrong?

What happened to Reita?

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Reita has lost his consciousness



Get a hold of yourself

Hey, this is bad

Didn't he receive a direct hit in the head?

But he only got hit lightly~

Can you hear me-----!?

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Don't die

Ah, can you hear me?

Open your eyes


I'm begging you~ get up~

I won't die before I see Makoto naked!

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Ah-- he p@ssed out again

Or should I rather say that he's asleep!?

Infirmary room

It was only an effect of sleep deprivation

Don't make a big scene. You startled everyone

I'm glad that it wasn't something serious

...my bad

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Anyway, you guys are going out just like what I thought, huh?

Yeah. Sorry for not letting you know any earlier

What Kikuchi said earlier was so funny--

Well, I kinda sensed it...

About Sakurai being naked

Stop. Let's not talk about that

I'm dying from embar@ssment

See you later


Alright. It's about time for us to return to our cl@ssroom


Okay. Thanks

I'll look after him for a little more

Ah, I see

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...I said something weird earlier. Sorry about that...

What's wrong with you?

No...I accidentally spit out the truth...

Are you worried about something!?

If not...

If you have any worries, just spit it out!

If you trust me, I can listen to your worries and if I can be do any help, I'll do anything for you

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you'll make me worried...

For instance...

like dying from holding yourself back too much...

You'll do anything?


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Alright then, do something about it

Thinking about you is why I couldn't sleep

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Do something...?

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Don't you get it?


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This is a lie, right? Doing something like this

Hold on



No way. Are we continuing from where we left off last time?

Wai-- wai-- wai-- Reita

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You said you'll do anything, right ?

I did say that but that's a different story

Moreover, I can't get in the mood at anytime anywhere


I'm still not ready yet

Besides, we're in school. We're in the infirmary room


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Wait a minute. Stop Reita. Pull yourself together-----


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Geez. You...

You screamed "kya." What the heck. You screamed "kya"


But, just as I thought, I'm glad that we didn't do it to the end at that time


Don't mess with me

...could it be that you're teasing me?

So mean...

You idiot!!

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...the time when we waited at the hotel for the clothes to dry?

Because if we did, can you really face Kaede-san?

Uh...you're right

Makoto, you're not fully prepared yet so

Makoto, you were overthinking at that time in consideration of me

As I thought, it's too soon for us to do it

Well, I'm also not prepared to be killed by my mom

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Ah. But, that was the truth. Thinking about you can't put me to sleep


At a time like this

I still believe that he put a spell on me

'Do you still feel scared about going out with your childhood friend?'

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My actual fear is myself, huh?

At this rate, my feelings for Reita will be overflowed

to the point that there's no return to being childhood friends again

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Let's eat--

Alright, everyone. Gobble up with no leftovers--

Kaede-san, I'm happy to come over but are you alright with me being here?

Ah. Beer, beer

Well, it's not like you're not allowed to come as long as you follow the high schooler dating guidelines

Because if you suddenly stopped coming, we're gonna feel lonely without you

And, after all

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you can lend a hand for folding dumplings today

---look, dumplings tastes better when you eat it with family


There's only 30 minutes until the 9 o'clock deadline

I grant you guys special permission to go on the second floor

Makoto and Reita-kun

Makoto, carry the fresh laundry on your way upstairs-


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Ugh--- it's freezing

If only I had turned on the heater


Cuddle with me to stay warm

Come on. This is within the "high schooler" dating guidelines

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What the heck


No, um. I need to develop self discipline

I'm scared of myself now

Falling in love with Reita brings me too much happiness which results in my insecurity...

Forget about what I just said. This is my lifelong wish

I'm ashamed of my own words

What do I mean too much happiness?

Ah-- geez. I'm so embarr@ssed

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Hey, turn around and face me

Why do you feel insecure?

There is nothing to be afraid of

No...because what if something happens and we break up...

What do you mean?

What if I lose someone that I love? What if I break something that's irreplaceable?

Because the what ifs keeps haunting me

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So I'm happy as long as I stay by your side but

after I started going out with Reita...

After I started going out with Reita, I've come to like you even more

At this rate, I just wanna stay with you forever......

So I can't calm my anxiety


Guess what, Makoto?

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You're an idiot

Why do you struggle with anxiety?

We just started going out, right?

I can't imagine myself to hate Makoto. I mentioned this before! Don't you remember?

Huh, are they in an argument?

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I remember now


Basically, half of what you said is based on your delusions, right? On the other hand, you can count on my words (no actual proof though)

Every time I make a wrong turn, he would always

lose his temper...

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Do you believe in me or your own delusions?

I see

I'm sorry

I get it now. What the heck...

and thanks, Reita

Well, I guess the situation between aunt and uncle caused your anxieties but...

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Reita, you bought it during the school excursion

Don't you remember?

Why do you have this hand towel?

Anyway, I wanted to buy this for uncle but

That's true, but...

You're right. Sorry

I thought my dad would like this print

I gave this to you instead when you got lost

Weren't you also mesmerized by this hand towel?

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Let's bring this to uncle

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*opens door*

Sorry. Did I make you guys wait?

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