Kimi to Dake wa Koi ni Ochinai

Chapter 14

From Chibi Manga:All those moving are aliens! Falling in love with that weird guy...?Hoshizaki Subaru was brought up by her stern older brothers. Because of her two older brother's charisma, she is always attracting attention. After the first week of her high school life, she meets the well known problem child, Yoshida Shin.

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To love and to cherish differs

I never thought that

these feelings would cross the boundary line

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As long as you keep smiling

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Are you unaware of what's going on!?

Don't have to know anything

Don't need to realize anything

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You're out of your mind

because Subaru is only my little sister

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Hold it right there!!

For you to say selfish words without careful consideration


pisses me off!

Anyway, listen up

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Saying impossible between a man and a woman

is impossible!! (T/N: He's actually referring to the chemistry between 2 people.)

Subaru also said it was impossible for me and her in the beginning!!

Talk about a strange explanation

You know what? Don't mess with me!

Don't pretend to quit in the first place

and then runaway after your victory!!

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Runaway with victory...


The accountant needs to speak with you...

Okay, I'll get going

Are you busy right now?

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...don't talk nonsense

to Subaru

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That guy...isn't he Subaru's boyfriend? He seems pretty famous in school, that Yoshida-kun

Hmm...forget about it

What were you two talking about?

I understand that you're worried about Subaru-chan but

you shouldn't meddle in too much anymore, right?

Even if you are siblings

you're both in high school already

...it's not what you think

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The contest for Campus Queen and Campus King (T/N: a pageant contest for the prettiest girl and most handsome guy in the school)

is currently taking place at the gymnasium!

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Alright. Let's welcome our next contestant !

There are so many people in the audience

Next up will be Hayasaka-senpai!

The popular and reigning champion

That's because you're a hard working promoter-

The blooming flower of Eishuu High School

Hayasaka Hikari from Cl@ss 2-A!

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By the way, she is also the coordinator for this year's cultural festival

She is a woman gifted with both beauty and intelligence!



What a pretty girl

Wow, there is so much support from the crowd!


Just like a star....

No wonder, right?

She also led in the votes during the preliminary round as well

Contest rules - Every cl@ss must have a representative - The top 5 contestants with the most votes advance into the finals

This is bad. What a tough choice--!

No. 2 is Onii-chan and No.5 is Arata... they both made it to the finals

What do you think? I'll go with No.2!

I'll vote for No.5~~~

I guess No.5 isn't bad?

Eh- No.2 should be a no-brainer, right?

Hey, hey

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Where did Arata go?


He hasn't read any of the messages that I sent him

There is no sign of him!

and the boys are up next

Geez~~~this guy is born with natural escape mechanism~~~

Come to think of it, Wataru-chan is also not present! Everyone else is here

Alright, we will resume after a short break

Crap. The girl's portion are over!


Coming up next is the PR speech from the boys

What do we do now with the most 2 popular contestants missing?

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Go look for them if you're free!

Got it!

Geez, these guys~~~....

Weren't you nervous?


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Do you have a minute?

I wonder what is it...?

She's not saying a word

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You did an awesome job in the contest earlier

Excuse me

I heard that it was a total victory for you during the preliminary round

So Wataru Onii-chan must also be happy...

Subaru-chan, you and your brother

get along so well

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You see, I also have 2 elder brothers

They both attend different high schools


When we unexpectedly bump into one another, we don't say hi

Hoshizaki...may be called a siscon by everybody but

Moreover, we don't talk at home

isn't this what normal siblings are like?

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the main reason why he can't get a girlfriend

is because he is constantly worried about you, right?

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Even though you don't want your brother to leave your side but...

you should seriously grow up, Subaru-chan


That is all I wanted to say

Sorry for being so sudden

...I see

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The uneasiness inside my heart

I'm so selfish. Arata is already by my side

is really just my selfishness

and I still whine

That's it

I must overcome

the fear of loneliness

Wow- I spot a Bunny-chan

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Woah--- you're super cute-♡

What year are you in? What year?

We're 2nd years from Sakazaki High School


Hey-- do you want to hang out with us?

Are you crying!? What's wrong!?



We can make you feel better...

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---what do you want

Ah, no

Never mind...

from this girl?

What the heck. She's already got a boyfriend--

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Don't space out or you'll be deceived!


I didn't ask for your help!

...by the way

That has nothing to do with this!

What's with this costume?

Onii-chan, you can just go lovey-dovey with your girlfriend



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We rented this costume and it's actually smaller than our expectations

So I'm the only one who fits in this...

Ah- that makes sense.

Because Subaru-chan is so cute

Your height, that is

Don't piss me off---!!

Come to think of it, Onii-chan!

The Q&A session is about to start for the boys so

Ah- yeah, yeah

let's get going already!!

Ah, somehow

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it finally feels like the way we used to be

Even if he gets a girlfriend

he won't leave me

and we will always remain as siblings

Though I do feel a bit lonely but

from now on

I just need to snap out of it


Always cherish your girlfriend, okay?

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I will also try my best not to make you worry anymore!

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...what is this?


Out of the blue

You don't have to remind me. Of course I'll cherish her

...I think so, too


Ah, I must leave now. I have to go look for Arata

See you later, Onii-chan

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Alright! Here comes the Q&A session for our final contestants--!!

Next up is the favorite winner, Hoshizaki Wataru-san from Cl@ss 2-B!

We prepared a number of questions of you but--

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to make it short! What is your ideal type of girl!?

I wonder if he will mention Hikari-!?

Shh Maki, jeez

...ah--- let me see, someone who is reliable

............her hair....

That makes sense-! Suits you well senpai!

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Our next contestant is a 1st year...

It looks like Yoshida-kun isn't present

The voting ends at 2PM and feel free to cast your votes into the box by the entrance of the gymnasium...

What the heck are you doing? Arata~~~~~~


Where are you going?

You don't look too well?


There is still time before the results are in so I might as well go check on the other events


I'm worried about them

Alright. I'll go with you...

I'll be fine on my own

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Geez-- what the heck is he thinking?

Damn it. Someone's here

We have been going out for a month now and we still haven't done anything yet

Ah, what a diligent girl...

Are you serious? I'm suprised~~


That's right! I don't know what he's thinking at all!

Isn't she Watarun's---

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Ah, besides being a high standard guy, he is somewhat disappointing

Other than that, and the little sister? She started to tear up after I spoke a few words to her

As if I bullied her

But, well- they just get along

Here we go again. Hikari's badmouthing~~~

I saw them walking together earlier

Are you serious!? And yet, I just gave her a warning!

If it were someone else, I can just easily get rid of them but

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Little sisters are really a pain in the butt

Well- I'll try to figure things out

I believe so

Because Hikari is clever


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I don't think I can pretend not to hear your conversation just now--

What...who's there?


Hey senpai, you have a cute face

But badmouthing about others

It startles me


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What? There's nothing wrong with what I said, right?

You, too. Don't you wish to break them up!?

...I guess you're right?

He is a person who nags

and has a stubborn mindset

In addition, he holds all the good qualities but

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If you were serious about him, then I would pity you but...

a person like you don't deserve Watarun

it's all good now

So break up with him already

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Don't tell me what to do!

I do whatever I want----

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If your feelings are only this much

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then leave those two alone

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....forget it

I won't tell anyone about you so

*opens door*

no need to worry, senpai

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If you ever pick on Subaru again

you'll be sorry

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