Tsubasa to Hotaru

Chapter 27

From Summer Rain and Senpai Scans:Sonokawa Tsubasa - 15 years old. A bubbly, energetic girl who's called 'stalker' by a lot of her cl@ssmates because she chases after the guy she wants relentlessly. After getting rejected by an uppercl@ssman who saved her at the train station, she decides to help her childhood friend, Yuri, with her job as the basketball club's manager. There, she meets quiet, unobtrusive Akkey...

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Toba-kun and Tsubasa are...kissing!?

Tsubasa to Hotaru

Haruta Nana

The youth basketball story's climax!!

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I had thought before that Maihara would be good at playing the "straight man" with me, but

to be honest, I hadn't really thought about liking her.

But when Maihara gave me chocolates, I was like

Huh!? Isn't she kinda cute!?

Was she always this cute!?

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What's up with that shallow reasoning!? (envious)

Aren't you too insincere? (envious)

Why did you bring the ball back?

Huh? Akkey?

You were going to put it up in the equipment room, weren't you?


That's right.

What's up, Aki...?

Are you okay?

Can you take care of this?


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Equipment Room


"You've left too much of an opening."


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I made sure to avoid your mouth, didn't I?

Your reaction's over the top for just a kiss on the cheek.

That's not the issue here!!



Why would you do such a thing...?

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Don't give me that.

If you don't want this kind of situation to occur, you shouldn't be so defenseless.

if you stand so close to me, it's natural that I'm going to feel that way.

Sonokawa probably wasn't thinking about it, but

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Do you understand what I mean by "feel that way"?

...I got it.

I don't care anymore.

Cool down your hand, and go home on your own!

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Hey, Sonokawa.

Are you headed home?


Whoa, heeey!


Toba was also in here?

She's fast.

I was putting away the equipment.

You left a ball behind.

Toba forgot the ball. Akkey forgot the ball.

This ball is probably really sad.

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Today Toba-kun was too cruel.

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perhaps I also wasn't thinking.

But I truly was

worried about Toba-kun's injury...

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You startled me.

It's been a while, huh?

I didn't even notice you were there.


Since we've ridden together on the return train.

Me either.

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...You're by yourself?

I thought you'd go home together with Toba-kun.

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Why would I be with Toba-kun...?

That's true...

Is he talking about the injury @ssistant situation?


That was the plan, but...

How should I put it...?


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I wonder why...


Could it be that you're hungry?


I have some candy on me, so I'll give it to you!

Right now there's this candy that I'm really crazy about.

Akkey seems kind of...?

It's a soft candy, and there are different kinds of flavors.

perhaps it'll tide you over until you get home!

It won't fill you up much, but

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Here you go!

The mango flavor is my number one recommendation.

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I'm not particularly hungry, though.



What!? I was wrong!?

I remember.

Akkey didn't seem very energetic, so I thought for sure...

You remember it!?

There was a situation like this before too!


Now that you mention it, there was.

"Next time you'll win!"

"Because Akkey is trying his best!"

...Maybe back then

it had already started.

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I was always thinking "I don't really understand", but

I finally understand.

it's not something you think about in your head.


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Akkey's eyes

It's like I'm being drawn in.


I can't hear anything other than the sound of my heart...

are looking right at me.

So much so that



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What are the two of you talking about?


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Wasn't that harsh, Sonokawa?

You left even though you didn't say you were going on ahead.

Wow, am I being ignored?

She's ignoring me.

Was it that bad? Doing it on the cheek?

Toba-kun, can I speak with you for a moment!?

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Let's absolutely not discuss that from here on out please.

Because I haven't erased the situation from my memory!!


I'm going to erase it!!


I didn't.

Even though he was the one who drove me away himself...

before you came, did you properly cool down your hand?

Because Sonokawa went on ahead.

...Wait here a sec.

I'll go buy some ice from that conveniece store.


With that kind of att1tude, even if Toba-kun went home, you wouldn't cool it off, would you!?

It's not fine!!

It's fine. It doesn't matter.

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Akkey, I'm going to the convenience store, okay?

When the train comes, Akkey can go ahead and take it.

I probably won't be in time for the next train.

Is it alright if I wait for you?

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Is that not okay?



Of course it's okay!!

I'll hurry up and buy it then come back.


It's fine. Take your time.



You aren't going on ahead?

Aren't you hungry?

I'm not really hungry.

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That's unusual.

You're in a bad mood, huh?

Did you go to the gym equipment room a little while ago?

I'm not in a bad--


When I was with Sonokawa?

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so what if that is the case?

I went, but

Perhaps that's the reason behind your ill humor?

Isn't Aki getting irritated strange?

What happens between Sonokawa and I is unrelated to Aki, isn't it?

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you think that Sonokawa still likes you?

I don't think that.

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But I like her.

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I like Sonokawa.

To be continued.

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