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Gunjou Reflection - chapter: 8

Koharu is a first year at Funakoshi Highschool for the Performing Arts. She is daunted by the fact that her cl@ss is filled with nothing but well-know...

by aeingeru
language: English

Genres: Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Drama

Yajuu wa Hageshiku Ubau - chapter: 18

A secretary called "The virgin Iron" that work at a trading company, Arisa Nagamine. Meet the legendary goods buyer who came back from the E...

by xDiscOx
language: English

Genres: Josei, Adult, Smut, Romance, Comedy

Boku no Rinne - chapter: 11

From Chibi Manga:If you had memories from the past, what would you think about it? Can you imagine meeting your loved one from your past life? Would ...

by aeingeru
language: English

Genres: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, Smut

Toge ni Kuchizuke - chapter: 15

Desperately in need to kick start her career amid an unforgiving job market, Osanai Sakura made it through two levels of interviews with the Hiiragi G...

by WasaBee
language: English

Genres: Romance, Shoujo, Drama, Josei, Slice of Life, Smut

Datte mou Suki ni natchattashi - chapter: 1

From KCG Scans & -menos- FreeTime (ENG):She confessed to the guy she fell in love with at first sight, but he's an unbelievable jerk...!?She ...

by sgreppi19
language: French

Genres: Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Kiniro no Corda - Blue Sky - chapter: 2

A former violin genius, Kohinata Kanade reunites with her childhood friend, Kisaragi Ritsu, after several years. Provoked by his words, she decides to...

by Rito91
language: English

Genres: Shoujo, Harem, Romance, School Life

Sengoku Vamp - chapter: 13

From Summer Rain:Our protagonist, Hisaki has time slipped 450 years back to the Sengoku Era! Upon arrival she is greeted by Miyoshi Nagayoshi, a vampi...

by aiveforever
language: Russian

Genres: Shoujo, Drama, Harem, Romance, Supernatural

Miniamaru Kareshi - chapter: 1

N/A ...

by aliss
language: Spanish

Genres: Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Suteki na Kareshi - chapter: 28

From ShoujoHearts:Ever since she was young, Nonoka always dreamed of watching the end of the year Countdown with a boyfriend. Now that she's in h...

by Nina75
language: English

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Boku no Ie ni oide Wedding - chapter: 1

N/A ...

by MissAngie
language: Spanish

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Youkai Nii-san - chapter: 6

A young man named Hiiragi has recently learned that he has a half-brother. Seeking him out, he not only finds the brother he never knew, but discovers...

by Meghanei
language: English

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural

5-ji kara 9-ji made - chapter: 75

Junko Sakuraba, a 27-year-old lecturer at an English conversation school has no boyfriend. Her parents set up a marriage interview for her with a man ...

by greenmadoka
language: English

Genres: Comedy, Mature, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Smut, Harem, Josei